The ultimate student’s guide to “Half Broke Horses” by Jeannette Walls

Welcome to our novel guide!

This is the ultimate student’s guide to Jeannette Walls’ novel “Half Broke Horses”!

Here you can find characterizations, themes, comments and much more about this amazing novel. All the texts are written by German grammar school students who study for their A-level exams in February and April 2017!

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Course E3 Gymnasium Renningen

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  1. mirilovely1

     /  14. January 2016

    Given that ´Half Broke Horses´ is a true-life novel, I was really impressed by Lily´s way of life. In my opinion Lily is a perfect role model for us due to her infinite gumption and strength. These are shown by a large variety of essential truisms which you can refer to your own life.
    All in all I would totally recommend to everyone being interested in life and American history to read this book! 🙂

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  2. In general, we like the content of Jeannette Walls´ true-life novel ´Half Broke Horses´.
    Some chapters are too long and kind of boring especially the parts in which the author only narrates her daily routine.
    On the other hand we cherish the qutoes, the messages and that the protagonist is accorded to the frontier spirit.

    -srhvgt99 & aleynakel

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  3. Simi

     /  14. January 2016

    Hello to everyone!
    I liked reading ´Half Broke Horses`, although some parts of the novel have some length. At some points I was wondering, whether in real life Lily actually experienced all the astonishing situations described or whether Jeanette Walls made some of them up, for example when Lily rescues her siblings from the flashflood or when she shoots at a Mormon priest.
    Some of my former classmates have called the novel “boring” and considered it to be a “girls book”.
    However, I thought it was rather interesting to see how Lily reacts in several circumstances in her life. Therefore, I cannot share the opinions mentioned before at all.
    Besides, I had the impression that the novel portrays the diversity of the American society at that time rather realistically.
    In my opinion, the novel is definitely worth reading and I must say I am grateful that we were not given the play Macbeth but the novel Half Broke Horses for English A-level literature, as the latter is obviously much easier to read.

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  4. Товари

     /  12. January 2017

    this book is f**kin trash, just some feminist piece of garbage full of non-likable characters and a heroine who does nothing but frustrate the reader by never admitting mistakes and always blaming the others for losing her jobs or similar losses – but can she really be that good of a teacher, if she gets fired like ten or twelve times?


  5. Thanks a lot this great Blog really helped me! In Germany every student has to read Half broke Horses.

    Keep it up!
    Gio N


    • You know, that this blog is made by german students with the intend to help other german students?


    • Jan

       /  7. March 2017

      Sad story that every German student has to read this book. Questionable why the Kultusministerium picked this one. Boring as hell and full of weird stuff in it. I highly doubt that this is a “true-life novel”, but nothing more than a fictional text…



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